Black Beauty Spotlight: NIA ELIZABETH, Fashion Stylist

I had the great opportunity to cross paths with a young fashion stylist named Nia Elizabeth – her name has a certain ring to it.  Well, this month, the Black Beauty Spotlight is on this woman who “likes to turn fashion into style, to create and enhance a person’s wardrobe and uniqueness.”

Nia, describe the functions of a typical job. In order to bring your A-game, you need to express knowledge about current fashion trends; assist clients in photo-shoots, movies, and fashion shows, and most importantly, enhance their wardrobe to create their own unique style.

How do you pull clothing from assignments? There are a few local boutiques and independent designers that I like to use to request samples for shoots. I’m building my network. Right now, I don’t work with any fashion publicists.

Do you have an agent? No, I do not have an agent. But, one day I would like to be signed with an agency to have even more contracted work. Currently, I find my gigs by word of mouth and smutting my portfolio to different companies.

What were your worst and best on set experience? Girl, my worst set experience ended up becoming my best experience. A model in a fashion show could no longer fit the clothes that were fitted on her weeks prior; therefore I had to create my own clothing designs to fit her in the show. It was very exciting to have people asking who designed her clothes. I was so proud of myself. I work well under pressure.

Do you style celebrities? No, I do not style celebrities, but I would LOOOOOOOOOOOVE that opportunity.

Describe your style as a child. When I was a child growing up, I was always the kid who cut up shirts and old vintage dresses to make my own style and stand out from the crowed. Also, I started wearing heels at a young age.

What was your first styling assignment? It was at a local boutique when I was 14 years old. I had to merchandise the mannequins in the display window. I thought it was fun a pretty cool for a fourteen year old.

What is the average salary of someone just starting out? Starting out as a stylist, you will find yourself volunteering for photo-shoots. It is very important to develop a great portfolio and establish yourself, then the money will follow.

What current fashion trends do you love/hate? I do not like trends. I believe that it is important to develop your own style and set your own trend. Be a leader!

What are some items that everyone should have in their closet? Trench coat, black and red heels, basic tee, leggings, black or grey slacks, blazer, pearls, timepiece, clutch, oversized handbag, dark and light colored jeans, fedora, beret, scarves, diamonds, dress shirt, OMG so much to name….

Who is your favorite designer? Moschino. I enjoy the Vintage/modern day designs.

Describe your beauty regimen. Every day, I have to wear my makeup forever Foundation, my Dior mascara, my MAC lip Gloss, and Mineral Blush from MAC.

If you had to leave the house in ten minutes, what would you wear?

(FALL) I would wear an oversized tee, leggings, trench coat, thigh high heel boots, scarf, and beret. 

Nia Elizabeth

Fashion Stylist and Writer

Staff Writer

Rashidah has strong interests in fashion, beauty, lifestyle and consumer brands. She started this blog as an avenue to merge mass- consumer companies with ethnic women who want to look and feel their best. When she is not researching material for her blog, you can find Rashidah on the phone with top national and local editors, producers and journalists as a media relations specialist. Rashidah received her Bachelors and Master’s degree in Communications Studies, specializing in public relations, from The College of New Rochelle. She resides in New York City. 


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  1. August 11, 2010 at 2:49 pm

    Nia Elizabeth seems to be one of the coolest designers out there.New styles always originate from fresh minds like from this young designer and I like her choice about what she will wear when she had to go out in ten minutes.

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    Nice website! I enjoy several from the articles which were written, and particularly the comments posted! I am going to definately be returning!

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