Slim CHI for Sleek, Straight Hair

Now that summer is over and we braved the humidity, now it’s time to wear the sleek, straight styles. I just received the new SLIM CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron ½ inch (SRP: $160) and I am in love. (I rave about the CHI flat iron so much that I got a few of my girlfriends addicted.) The new ergonomic design is easier on hands, has squeeze sensitivity and sports ½ inch even heat ceramic plates that produce positive ions to seal hair cuticle, block out humidity and lock in moisture for a smooth finish. Use the iron to curl, bend, flip and straighten hair. The slim plates make it perfect for short hair – also use it on medium hair for tighter curls.

The Benefits of CHI Technology:
Ceramic Heat

CHI Original Hair Straightening Flat Irons use moist ceramic, ionic, far infrared heat with ceramic plates and coils to maintain an even temperature all the time, eliminating hot spots that can cause damage and breakage to the delicate hair strands. This ceramic technology in CHI irons also produces negative ions to seals the cuticle, repel humidity and lock in hair color while smoothing and straightening. Flat irons made with traditional copper coils can cause damage by pulling and snagging the hair strands and drying the hair because there is no ionic technology to protect the hair from the excessively high temperature of the hair straightener.

Negative Ionic Activity
Did you know that your hair carries a positive electrical charge caused by dryness? Over time, this positive charge increases, and as your hair becomes drier, more hair cuticles open, creating unhealthy hair that is hard to style. The negative ions created by CHI appliances cancel these positive hair charges, while smoothing down the hair cuticle. Smoothing the hair cuticle seals in your hair’s natural oils and moisture resulting in healthier hair that is full of shine.

Far Infrared Technology
Far Infrared is the longest frequency of the infrared spectrum; it is invisible to human eyes. Far infrared frequency can penetrate up to 1 ½ inches (4 cm) inside of the skin as well as inside of the hair. Far infrared dries the hair from the inside out due to its ionic charge by penetrating deeper. Far infrared heats up objects like your hair, and hair brush not just the air, to dry your hair faster. The recent studies have also shown that it can increase the blood circulation and metabolism. It can also help to maintain our general health.

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