Manicure Monday at the Lali Lali Salon: Harmony’s Gelish June Bride

Right before the New Year, I went to the Lali Lali salon in Soho for a manicure and a much needed  Hot Stone and Swedish full-body massage combo. I was a little in a rush, so I was planning to skip the massage but the manicurist told me it was the best massage I’d ever have. And, boy, was she right! Lyn, the massage therapist, was amazing and he had magic hands. (I even think I checked out for 15 minutes.)

Here’s my manicure:

Harmony Gelish in June Bride

Harmony Gelish in June Bride SWATCH

I absolutely love this shade and no-chip manicure. Two weeks later, I’m still in love with the color and perfect manicure. Here is a close up:

This may be my best manicure yet.


The manicurist Kena Marcelle was fab! Kena was a skilled and trained nail technician who knew her stuff when it came to chemicals, nails and skin.  She told me about her future dreams of starting her own blog exposing unsanitary nail salons. (do it, do it. enquiring minds want to know.) I’ve asked Kena random questions about nail trends, nail techniques and overall nails in general:

1. What should a client look for when choosing a salon for a manicure?

The first thing I would look for is compatibility. No matter how wonderful the services are, if there is no connection between you and your nail tech, then the experience will never be taken to that next level, which is what we are all about here at Lali Lali.

2. Who are some of your notable clientele?

World famous makeup artist Meridith Harper-Houston and Beauty Editors from Glamour, Marie Claire, Allure, and Cosmo 

3. Do you have any solutions for a client who always complain about her nail polish chipping?

First I would check with the client about the type of chemicals she may have come in contact with. I would also recommend the Gel Manicure. it is more durable than a regular lacquer manicure, not to mention they dry instantly.
4. Everyone is into a gel manicure (Shellac, Gelish, OPI). Does gel manicures damage the nail bed in any way?

The gel manicure does not damage the nail in any way. It is in fact the soak off that lifts the first layer of the nail. Clients should alternate two gel manicures then a regular lacquer manicure.
5. What are the upcoming trends in nail art or manicures?

The reverse french manicure and acrylic nail art – nail bling with jewels

6. What are some nail fads that you are excited to see die out?

I am happy to see the end of the Katy Perry shatter.

Tha Lali Lali Salon is located on 650 Broadway, Third Floor. Tel: 212-228-2611


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